Very few organisations are aware of maintenance requirements, especially those in the public sector.  Dalco Services provide a comprehensive pack which details every element of maintenance which can be personalised to suit the client.  Yearly mechanical servicing can include the chlorination of cold water storage tanks as well as the cleaning and servicing of drinking fountains.  We have operatives trained in Legionella risk assessment and prevention and are WRAS certified and have a team of security focused engineers who can test and maintain your CCTV or entry systems.  Please contact the helpdesk for more information.

Of course, schools require a high level of maintenance which can be cyclical (mechanical, electrical, chlorination, safe guarding and security etc) or dealing with commonplace breakdowns such as lamp replacement or toilet faults for example.  Dalco can provide a competitive quote for any level of cyclical maintenance where the school can itemise the services which are required creating a personalised maintenance schedule to suit their needs.  Just contact our helpdesk and someone will be able to explain in more detail the full maintenance services which we provide.